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Created on July 11, 2016 – domain name is a short, memorable and brandable domain.

The term “playbox” is also a combination of two popular words – “play” and “box”.

The term “play” is a highly popular word that has several meanings.

As a verb, the word “play” refers to engage in a game, sports, or recreational activities. As a noun, the term “play” refers to a dramatic piece or composition – a dramatic performance, as on the stage.

The keyword “play” is very popular on the net that it received 151,000,000 search volume every month.

The term “box” may refer to a container with a flat base and sides, normally square or rectangular and having a lid. A box may also refer to a small space on a form that is marked by lines in the shape of a square.

As a verb, the term “box” may refer to fight someone in the sport of boxing.

The term “box” on the other hand is also a very highly searched keyword on the search engine. It generates a monthly search of 124,000,000 every month.

The keyword “playbox” is also popular keyword that generates 33,100 monthly searches over 5 million search results on Google.

The term “playbox” has several meanings, and already used in some well-known companies.

The term “playbox” may refer to Playbox Apk – a popular streaming platform which allows you to stream your favorite TV shows and movies flawlessly. It is an app that plays hundreds of TV shows, movies, and anime directly on your Android device through streaming, without having to download a single file.

It may also refer to PlayBOX TV Player – an app for TV enthusiasts who want free access to a wide array of top broadband internet TV. It comes with over 1,000 TV channels organized in 19 popular categories covering all key interests including news, entertainment, movies, music, travel, documentary, kids, etc.

As you can see, “playbox” has different meanings in various fields, making it a highly searched keyword.

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Buy It Now Price:  $ 4,700.00 USD is a short, memorable, and brandable domain with the highly searched keyword “playbox” that generates 33,100 search and over 5 million search results on Google. Domain Name is: 

·        Short and Memorable: is a short, memorable domain name.
·        Highly Searched: The keyword “playbox” receives over 5 million search results on Google.
·        Competitive: Advertisers pay up to $1 per click to advertise under the keyword “playbox”. 


Exact Searches
Keyword: [PlayBox]
Monthly Searches: 8,100
Cost per Click: $0.50

Broad Searches
Keyword: “PlayBox
Monthly Searches: 33,100
Cost per Click: $0.79

Global Searches
Keyword: [PlayBox]
Monthly Searches: 21,000
Cost per Click: $0.30 

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Buy It Now Price:  $ 4,700.00 USD

The domain is a short, memorable domain that is highly used in various industries. It generates over 5 million results on Google and consistently receives over 33,100 monthly searches.

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Buy It Now Price:  $ 4,700.00 USD

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Buy It Now Price:  $ 4,700.00 USD

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Our payment gateway is – the world’s most secure payment processor that safeguards both buyer and seller. All funds transacted using are kept in trust until the domain payment and transfer is completed.

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