We guarantee that the process in buying .io domain from us is Fast, Simple and Secured.

If the .io domain is available in our domain online store, your choices is simply “Buy It Now” or “Submit Your Best Offer“.

However, if the .io domain that you wanted to acquire is listed in public Domain Marketplace, we provided a button for you
to select or click, that will take you directly to 
the marketplace where it is listed. 

The details of this process is hereby explained in the following statement.

If you are interested in getting the full control and exclusive ownership of a certain domain listed in our website, you have the following options to take.

This is the fastest of our domain purchase methods.

Mostly if not all, each .io domain listed in our website specifies a binding “Buy It Now” price. Buying a domain thru this channel immediately eliminates the competition. Simply click on the “Buy It Now via ESCROW.COM ” button, and you will be taken to the sign up form.

If you have an existing account in, please select “LOGIN TO ESCROW.COM” button or text found at the lower portion of the sign-up form. Once you are inside your account, simply initiate a transaction to buy the domain that you want.

For interested buyer who still doesn’t have account, simply fill-up the form with the required information and once you are done, just hit the “Create an Account” button to initiate the secured domain payment transaction.

After the domain payment is initiated at, everything that follows will now be managed by to make sure that the payment is secured and the domain name will be completely transferred to the Buyer’s preferred domain registrar, before they release the payment to the Seller. Be sure to check your mailbox daily, because once the domain transaction is initiated, you will be receiving series of emails from containing instructions on every stages of the transactions until it is completed.

Here in, we are transparent on the expected and acceptable prices of the domains listed in this website. Except for those domain names that are listed for public auction in the marketplace, “Buy It Now” price and “Submit Your Best Offer” prices are clearly specified in each domain description and profile pages.

When you select the “Submit Your Best Offer” option, please be informed that the minimum amount specified in the respective domain pages is the minimum amount that we set as the acceptable offer to start a domain selling price negotiation. No offer below this minimum amount is accepted, to cut a possible long process of negotiation.

Click on the “Submit Your Best Offer” text, to initiate the submit offer form. Fill-up all the required information and when you’re done, simply hit the “Submit Offer” button, to initiate the price negotiation thru emails. If we both agree on a final selling price, the corresponding domain payment will immediately follow thru to complete the sale and domain transfer.

Submit Offer form contains a Minimum Offer Price threshold that must be met for a Buyer to initiate a negotiated price. Please see the minimum amount indicated in the domain’s description and profile page. If you type-in an amount below this threshold, the submit form will not proceed.

When a domain is listed in the marketplace for public auction, it is clearly specified in its domain description and profile page. If you are interested to buy this domain, you can still do it thru the marketplace where it is listed. Simply select the “Place a Bid” button, to follow this domain and place a bid. If you will be declared as the highest bidder at the end of the auction, you get the chance of buying the domain.

Auction process, bidding, and negotation, payment, and transfer of domains listed in the marketplace will be done where the domains are listed. ( Sedo. Flippa, Godaddy, Afternic, and others…) Transaction Fee will be agreed upon by the Seller and Buyer, but Listing Fees are for the Seller’s account.