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Created on May 6, 2016, the domain has already established a four (4) year active historical status on the internet. is a short, 3-letter domain with the highly searched keyword “SVP” that generates 368,000 monthly searches and over 104 million search results on Google.

 The term SVP” is an acronym that has many meanings in different fields.

In science and mathematics, it may refer to the shortest vector problem (SVP) – the problem of finding the smallest non-zero vector in a lattice space.

It may also refer to the Society of Vertebrate Paleontology (SVP) – a professional organization
founded in the United States in 1940 to advance the science of vertebrate paleontology throughout the world. Internationally, the Society of Vertebrate Paleontology (SVP) has around 2,300 members and holds annual scientific conferences in North America and elsewhere.

In Politics and Law, “SVP” may refer to the Swiss People’s Party (Schweizerische Volkspartei) – a national-conservative political party in Switzerland. With 53 members of the National Council and 6 of the Council of States, it is the largest party in the Federal Assembly.

It may also refer to South Tyrolean People’s Party (Südtiroler Volkspartei), an autonomist and regionalist political party in South Tyrol, an autonomous province in northern Italy.

 In the entertainment industry, it may refer to The Sega Virtua Processor (SVP) – a digital signal

processor introduced by Sega in 1994 to expand the Genesis’ 3D capabilities. The SVP was Sega’s answer to the Super FX processor used in Nintendo’s SFC/SNES cartridges. “SVP” may also refer to Struga Poetry Evenings (Struški Večeri na Poezijata) – an annual international poetry festival held in Struga, North Macedonia.


It may also refer to the Society of Saint Vincent de Paul (a Roman Catholic charity) or Senior Vice President (in the hierarchy of vice presidents).


The term “SVP” is highly popular and is used as an acronym in many different fields.

So, no matter what industry you are in, if the domain is relevant to your business, buying it now will give you a competitive edge!

 Plus, it is a short, 3-letter domain that generates 368,000 monthly searches and over 104 million search results on Google.

All of these factors make it a great domain to own! 


Buy It Now Price:  $ 4,300 USD

The keyword “SVP” generates over 104,000,000 results every 0.51 seconds on Google and consistently receives over 
368,000 monthly searches. Domain Name is: 

·        Very Short: Short domains are more memorable. 
·        Very Popular: The keyword “SVP” receives over 368,000 searches per month on Google. 
·        Competitive: Advertisers pay up to $1 per click to advertise using the keyword “SVP”. 
·        Extensions taken: The .com and 28 other extensions of “svp” are already taken and in use.



Exact Searches

Keyword: [SVP]
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Broad Searches

Keyword: “SVP
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Global Searches

Keyword: [SVP]
Monthly Searches: 98,000
Cost per Click: $0.04

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Buy It Now Price:  $ 4,300 USD

Why You Should Buy This Premium Domain Name

The domain is a short, 3-letter domain that is easy to remember. Plus, it generates 368,000 monthly searches and well over 104 million search results on Google. 

– all of these factors make it a great domain to own!

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  • Create Content or E-Commerce Website 
    Buy and use the domain name for blog site, hobby site, e-commerce website, community information, photo sharing, friends and family networking and more, and provide ad space within your website pages to earn money from displaying paid ads on website. 

    Explore a variety of methods and providers which you can use in order to earn monetary income in the form of advertisements accompanying website content.

  • Establish Credibility 
    If the domain name is relevant to your business, buying it now, adds credibility to your company as a business entity. Having your own domain name makes your company or brand looks professional and credible.

    If you publish your company or brand website through a free hosting provider, your website URL will look like this:  “  

    This generic address does not inspire confidence in a customer like a domain name does.  

    And since you want to earn trust from your target customers, you’ll want to do whatever you can to prove that your business deserves their money. 

    If you’re not willing to pay the money to register an appropriate domain name, why would consumers think you’d put any effort into creating valuable products or services?

  • Save on Online Advertising Spending 
    A quick internet search for the term “SVP” will provide you with plenty of proof that online advertising spending has risen and will continue to rise every year.

    It has a total of 368,000 search volume per month and a total of 104,000,000 search results on Google.

    If you are spending money on advertising related brands of products and services to this domain, buying domain name helps you save money on your advertising spend.

    Simply create a website for your products or services and build a brand on it using the domain name. Apply SEO strategy to make your website rank on the first page of the search engine. 

    Overtime, your source of traffic will become free and organic. Thereby, cutting- off a huge amount of your advertising cost.

  • Domain Investment – Buy Today and Sell To Big Brands 
    Sometimes, some big companies hold back from pulling the trigger to purchase the right domain that matters to their company or their brands.

    Perhaps it’s a matter of oversight or maybe they have not thought of buying the domain name available at that time until their brand or company name is selected and marketed on the mainstream.

    Whatever is the reason, most huge branded companies are now catching up and buying domain names relevant to their brands. And big news is that dozens of major known companies are now acquiring “off-brand” domains and used them to market their products and services.

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  •  Buy It Now Price:  $ 4,300 USD

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  • Buy It Now Price:  $ 4,300 USD

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Our payment gateway is – the world’s most secure payment processor that safeguards both buyer and seller. All funds transacted using are kept in trust until the domain payment and transfer is completed.

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