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VRTours.io is an exact match domain, and a combination of two highly searched and very popular keywords  “VR” and “tours”.

VR” keyword alone has a total of 550,000 exact keyword search monthly, while “tours” has an exact keyword search of 90,000 per month.

The term “VR Tours” is a highly searched key phrase that generates over 33 million search results on Google.

In today’s highly technological world, virtual tours are extensively used in a variety of settings, including in universities, real estate, hospitality industry, travel industry, and other business verticals.

By definition, VR Tours (virtual tours) or Virtual Reality Tours , is a simulation of an existing location,
usually composed of still images or a sequence of videos. It may also utilize other multimedia elements, such as music, text, and narration.

Various industries use this technology to help users view their environment, services, and products online. 


The phrase “virtual tour” is typically used to describe a range of videos and pictures. Panorama indicates an unbroken view, since a panorama can either be a series of pictures or panning video footage.

However, the phrases “virtual tour” and “panoramic tour” have been linked with virtual tours created using still cameras – such virtual tours are composed of different shots taken from a single vantage point. The lens and camera are rotated around what is known as the no parallax point – the exact point at the back of the lens where light meets.


The origin of the phrase “virtual tour” dates back to 1994. The very first example of a virtual tour was a museum visitor interpretive tour which consisted of a walk-though of a 3D reconstruction of Dudley Castle in England as it was back in 1550.

Whether you are in the business 
of providing virtual tours, if you write blogs regarding this topic, or if you have some other VRTours-related business, owning the VRTours.io domain will give you a significant advantage over your competitors! 


Buy It Now Price:  $ 3,100.00 USD

VRTours.io Domain Name is: 
·        Exact Match Domain: VRTours.io is an exact match domain. 

·        Short. Short domains are more memorable. 
·        Popular Keyword: The keywords “VR” and “tours” are very popular. 
·        Competitive: Advertisers pay up to $2 per click to advertise under VR tours.


Exact Searches

Keyword: [vr]
Monthly Searches:
Cost per Click: $3.00

Broad Searches

Keyword: “vr
Monthly Searches:
Cost per Click: $0.83

Exact Searches

Keyword: [tours]
Monthly Searches:
Cost per Click: $1.30

Broad Searches

Keyword: “tours
Monthly Searches:
Cost per Click: $1.72

If the VRTours.io domain is relevant to your business, owning this domain will provide you with a
competitive edge over your competitors!


Here are some of the VRTours-related domains up for sale in the marketplace:

































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Domain                                 Price                      Date                      Venue

vrewards.com                       15,000 USD          2012-01-04          Afternic

vrplus.com                            8,250 USD            2016-04-19          Uniregistry

vraudio.com                          8,000 USD            2016-08-31          Sedo

vrlife.com                              6,106 USD            2020-02-07          GoDaddy

vrlivecams.com                     5,688 USD            2016-01-05          Uniregistry

vrfashion.com                       5,000 USD            2016-02-18          Uniregistry

vrtech.com                            5,000 USD            2015-04-17          Sedo

vrgirls.com                            5,000 USD            2014-01-29          Sedo

vrsales.com                          4,921 USD            2015-07-16          Sedo

vrexpo.com                          4,595 USD            2015-01-18          Sedo

Related domains sold with “Tours” as the second keyword.

Domain                                 Price                      Date                      Venue

chinatours.com                    200,000 USD        2009-08-19           Private

scubatours.com                   12,000 USD          2009-08-19           Sedo

seatours.de                         10,521 USD          2015-11-11           Sedo

koreatours.com                   7,532 USD            2006-08-26           SnapNames

facetours.com                     7,520 USD            2012-04-24           Sedo

vtours.com                          7,000 USD            2015-09-17           Sedo

daytours.com                      6,858 USD            2011-03-22           Sedo

suntours.com                      6,701 USD            2014-11-06           NameJet

spaintours.com                   6,402 USD            2009-03-12           NameJet

helitours.com                      6,200 USD            2013-06-19           NameJet



If VRTours.io domain is relevant to your business, owning this domain will provide you with a competitive edge over your competitors!


Still in doubt?

Here are some of the top reasons why you should buy this premium domain name.        

  • Create Content or E-Commerce Website 
    Buy and use the VRTours.io domain name for blog site, hobby site, e-commerce website, community information, photo sharing, friends and family networking and more, and provide ad space within your website pages to earn money from displaying paid ads on VRTours.io  website. 

    Explore a variety of methods and providers which you can use in order to earn 
    monetary income in the form of advertisements accompanying VRTours.io website content. 
  • Establish Credibility 
    If the VRTours.io domain name is relevant to your business, buying it now, adds credibility to your company as a business entity. 

    Having your own domain name makes your company or brand looks professional and credible. If you publish your company or brand website through a free hosting provider, your website URL will look like this: www.freehostingprovider.com/yourcompanyname”

    This generic address does not inspire confidence in a customer like a VRTours.io domain name does. 

    And since you want to earn trust from your target customers, you’ll want to do whatever you can to prove that your business deserves their money. 

    If you’re not willing to pay the money to register an appropriate domain name, why would consumers think you’d put any effort into creating valuable products or services?

  •  Save on Online Advertising Spending 
    A quick internet search for the term “VR” and “Tours” will provide you with plenty of proof that online advertising spending has risen and will continue to rise every year. 

    If you are spending money on advertising related brands of products and services to this domain, buying VRTours.io domain name helps you save money on your advertising spend. 

    Simply create a website for your products or services and build a brand on it using the VRTours.io domain name. Apply SEO strategy to make your website rank on the first page of the search engine. Overtime, your source of traffic will become free and organic. Thereby, cutting- off a huge amount of your advertising cost.

  • Domain Investment – Buy Today and Sell To Big Brands 
    Sometimes, some big companies hold back from pulling the trigger to purchase the right domain that matters to their company or their brands. Perhaps it’s a matter of oversight or maybe they have not thought of buying the domain name available at that time until their brand or company name is selected and marketed on the mainstream. 

    Whatever is the reason, most huge branded companies are now catching up and 
    buying domain names relevant to their brands. And big news is that dozens of major known companies are now acquiring “off-brand” domains and used them to market their products and services. 

    What does it mean to you? 

    VRTours.io today simply means an investment. 

    This domain will surely increase in value over-time, and will have a demand from big brands. You buy
    VRTours.io today at its present value, then sell it to big brands at higher value to profit from this valuable digital asset. 

    That’s what it means to you.

Return on Investment

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other competing websites.


For Domain Investors, YOU know pretty well how valuable this domain for end-user. So this is your chance to profit from this domain by keeping it in your premium domains portfolio, and
resell this to YOUR right end-user.


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        Buy It Now Price:  $ 3,100.00 USD

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Our payment gateway is Escrow.com – the world’s most secure payment processor that safeguards both buyer and seller. All funds transacted using Escrow.com are kept in trust until the domain payment and transfer is completed.

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