How To Transfer Domain Using Auth Code or Authorization Code

Congratulations on acquiring a domain name from our domain online store. 

Now that had confirmed the completion of your domain payment, it’s now time to transfer the domain you bought to a registrar where you are going to manage the domain. 

Please make sure that you have received the domain transfer Authority Code that we provided to you because you need the code to initiate the domain transfer to your preferred registrar.

Usually, it just takes two simple steps to transfer your newly acquired domain.

Please decide and determine which registrar or hosting provider you want to use to manage your domain at. There are literally thousands of registrars from which you can choose from, but I’m pretty sure that you already have a chosen one.

If you already own other domains, we’d suggest you to transfer your newly acquired domain to your current registrar or hosting provider. If not, feel free to pick any of the registrars from the list of domain registrars recommended below.

After choosing a registrar or hosting provider, simply head over to the registrar you chose and initiate the domain transfer using the domain auth code or authorisation code that we’ve provided you. 

If you have not received the domain auth code or you are running into other kinds of trouble during the transfer process, please contact us immediately thru this email address [email protected] for us to lend you a hand in fixing the problem.

Every domain registrar or hosting providers has their own unique process of transferring a domain using the domain auth code or authorization code. Simply search the topic in their Knowledge Base database to get the details. Or you may contact their support team thru their contact emails or Live Chat, and they are more than willing to help you out.

Here are some of well know domain Registrars that you could use just in case you still don’t have one. The link provided herein goes direct to their domain transfer help guide.

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