Why You Should Buy GoodGames.gg Domain

Right now there are growing demand and buzz around (.gg) domains, and the business potential in using GoodGames.gg domain is sooo… HUGE!

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GoodGames.gg Search Statistics

If you do the math, the numbers below will show, how much is your potential savings from Pay Per Click Advertising of the keyword “good games”.

Broad Searches

Keyword: good games    
Monthly Searches: 7,480,000   
Cost per Click: $0.55

Exact Searches

Keyword: [good games
Monthly Searches: 60,500         
Cost per Click: $1.44

Click this link to verify if GoodGames.gg is still available.

The eSports industry is huge, it’s growing fast, and the (.gg) domain extension has widespread adoption within the gaming community.

.GG stands for “Good Game” or “Good-Game”.

And when it comes to eSports and gaming, (.gg)  domain names really are everywhere, being frequently used for eSports teams and gaming startups in particular.

The adoption of (.gg) g in the esports and gaming industry has also led to rising demand for these domain names.

Here are just a few examples of gaming companies using the (.gg) domain extension

1. NRG.gg – NRG eSports is one of the top eSports teams in the world.
2. EvilGeniuses.gg – Evil Geniuses is the #2 top-grossing eSports team in the world. To date, they’ve made over 21 million dollars winning tournaments.
3. Cloud9.gg – Cloud9 is another top-ranking eSports team that has won over $8M in tournaments.
4. OGS.gg – Team OG, another awesome DOTA 2 team with major sponsorship from Red Bull.

Further, here are some of .GG domains that are recently sold in the domain marketplace.

1. eth.gg – $49,995 USD – sold thru the Media Code LLC
2. 7.gg – $44,074 USD – sold in Sedo
3. f.gg – $13,339 USD – sold in Sedo
4. evo.gg – $12,750 USD – sold in hypernames.co
5. cloud.gg – $12,000 USD – sold in Park.io
6. eternal.gg – $9,000 USD – sold in hypernames.co

Click this link to verify if GoodGames.gg is still available.

Why Companies Upgrade Their Website’s Domain Name

When a company was just in a startup stage, its domain name options are fairly limited, especially if it is just branding around a common word, name, or phrase.

As the company grows, founders often choose to upgrade company domain names for many reasons. Among them are:

  • Brand Protection
  • Brand Development
  • Competitive Advantage
  • Easy Brand Name Recall
  • Very Short and Memorable Identity on the Net
  • Email Security
  • To Sound More Professional
  • Increased Authority and Trust
  • Better Click-Thru Rates
  • With Age Comes Respect 

Upgrade your website to GoodGames.gg domain today, before somebody else will.

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